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NEW: Pair skating! Find the perfect partner to throw and twirl you. Send him texts and presents till he begs to skate with you! Maybe you’ll even fall in love!

* Can you believe it?! A famous Olympic figure skating coach wants to work with YOU!
* Perfect your ice skating moves as you win medals and jump to the top of the world skating ranks!
* Twirl, triple axel jump & loop your way around the ice skating rink – show the world what you’ve got!

Omigod! You’ve just been discovered by a world-class Olympic figure skating coach! With her help, you’ll be able to figure skate your way to the top and win this year’s major Ice Skating Competition! Time to get ready for the big ice skating event and to show off your fabulous figure skating moves!

* Get ready for the ice skating competition of the year, with an Olympic coach as your mentor!
* Get dressed up in a dazzling figure skating costume, and turn heads at the rink!
* Come up with your own unbelievable skating routine!
* Skate together with your dream partner!
* Get a makeover – you’ll need a new look, worthy of a true skating star!
* Don’t forget a manicure and a brand new hair style!
* You need to get in shape before the competition – get fit at the gym!
* Omg! Golden Skates Magazine has asked you to be their next cover girl! Time for a photo shoot!
* Climb the World Ice Skating ranks as you wow ‘em in the rink! Get a gold medal!
* Impress the judges with trixel axel jumps, toe loops, and more!
* Ouch! Ice skating injury. Go to the doctor to get all better in time for the big event!
* The big day is almost here… relax and the spa to get rid of those skating jitters.

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