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Videodauer: 6:38

Barbie gets the new 2016 Hello Dreamhouse and invites Frozen Elsa, Moana, Anna, Spiderman and the Frozen Kids Kelly dolls over for a house party. The new „Hello Dreamhouse“ listens to everyone’s voice except for Barbie. She gets super mad and goes crazy in the parodyThis new 2016 dollhouse is the best Mattel dollhouse ever made! It is voice activited, talks to you, plays music, lights up, has an elevator and the staircase turns into a slide. It’s one of my favorite Barbie playsets ever! This doll parody is by DisneyCarToys.

***This Barbie Dreamhouse was given to us for free from Mattel. It is not a paid promotion.

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DisneyCarToys is a family friendly toy channel. Sandra and Spidey make toy reviews with Sandra’s kids Alex, Ava and Adam. Our channel is known for Barbie Parodies, Cookie Monster and Disney Princess IRL dress up. We are the original creators of the ball pit and balloon pop surprise toy videos.

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This video features the new Barbie Dreamhouse for 2016 „Hello Dreamhouse“

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